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Customer Comments

What our customers are saying


Anthea Turner

Anthea Turner   

  “I've been wearing my turquoise enerjii bracelet now for 2 weeks. as I don't suffer from arthritis or sleepless nights its difficult to judge its powers in those areas. However I am at the moment running around like a looney, doing Olympic standard plate spinning and to be truthful energy levels are high, may this have something to do with my stylish accessory?

I have read and do totally believe in the science behind the metals and strongly advise you look at the website and related articles then make your own decision. 

What I would like to see this company doing is a version for dogs. Many large dogs including my own Golden Retriever Buddie have, as they get older arthritic joints. If a dog collar using enerjii technology was on the market I would buy him one in a heartbeat.”

Beth Tweddle - 2009 World Champion Gymnast

Beth Tweedle   

'I wear the Enerjii Sportii bracelets as a stylish way to help aid my sporting performance. The flexible bracelets contain high quality magnets, negative ions and far infrared energy that help boost my circulation, increase my energy and concentration levels and ease muscle and joint discomfort'

Dr Sarah Brewer

Dr Sarah Brewer    “I am a great fan of the healing properties of copper and magnetic bracelets. The Enerjii range looks great and offers additional energising elements, too.”

Marilyn Carley


“I met you at the body soul and mind festival. I bought the necklace from you there and then. At the time I was suffering badly with my arthritic spine within 30 minutes the pain had dulled and finally I had relief. Because I was so thrilled with the results I later purchased a bracelet and also recommended my friend had one too we both found that within a few days we had lots more energy and found our aches and pains were much more controlled.

We continue to wear our beautiful enerjii bracelet and would recommend them to any fellow sufferers. Thankyou for our lives back not always suffering from debilitating aches and pains.”


Laura Bond - former editor at Psychologies and freelance health writer on the jewellery

'Any doubts about the power of the Enerjii Bracelet disappeared when I discovered it had the ability to turn off my laptop screen. Wearing it gave me energy and probably also bolstered my immune system: I wore it on a trip to Australia and managed to avoid any of those nasty, long-haul plane bugs'



'I have suffered from arthritis for over 30 years, first commencing in my fingers, then gradually affecting my wrist, hip, knees, ankle and spine. For the past 4 years I have been in extreme pain, especially with my hands, which has limited my life from handling objects, doing up buttons, holding a pen, etc. I have been taking morphine for the pain especially at night to allow me to sleep comfortably.

I was introduced to my Enerjii bracelet just two weeks ago and in that short period of time I am now 90% pain free. I began to notice a difference within the first week. I am now able to make a fist with both my hands, wring out a dishcloth, sew on a button and use normal knife, fork and spoon. I can hand-wash jumpers, do up my bra, and am having far less trouble getting coins out of my purse. I now have my life back and have not taken morphine or any other pain relief for two weeks. I am overwhelmed with my new freedom! To be pain free is energy in itself!'





Wilhelm de Bruin

Wilhelm Testimonial

'With my partner (Jane Hurd) we do a lot of walking though The Dales and the Moors. On one weekend we did the 3 peaks of Yorkshire. The first day we walked 15 miles and on the second day 6 miles After the first day we have just the Bioenerjii cream to help our muscles recover During the week we had less pain in our muscles than the people we walked with. '


Hannah Mason - Kent


'I broke my foot approx ½ years ago but didn’t go to hospital as I didn’t realize it was broken at the time! Just knew it hurt a lot.

Every morning I woke up with stiffness and had to hobble about until it eased up slightly and the pain and stiffness, worsen upon having to spend much time in any position! I also have mild upper back pain from time to time. After wearing my Synerjii bracelet my foot suddenly stopped seizing up and the stiffness has almost completely gone, as has the pain! My back hasn’t been a problem either lately.

I feel calmer and better able to deal with my work load and have also noticed that I feel more refreshed in the mornings waking up. Ive also noticed that my knees are a lot more flexible now and don’t click anymore when I walk up stairs, with an extra spring in my step when walking now. I have been lucky enough to hear other success stories too and would be happy to whole heartedly recommend Enerjii to anyone with aches and pains, stress or low Enerjii levels.

If I take my bracelet off the pain in my foot returns a few hours later so I know its not just the placebo effect. I’m so happy to be able to recommend to my customers something that I know will work too. Thank-you Enerjii.


Sane Eldree Gravesend


'I purchased my enerjii bracelet about 3 months ago, due to waking up every morning with lower back pain. We were about to go and buy a new mattress. However after a couple of weeks the pain had completely gone and I have not suffered ever since. I have recommended it to friends and family and would not want to be without it.'


Pauline Saunders - Kent


'I’ve had really bad arthritis and on most days can hardly walk at all, I have been wearing my Enerjii Trilojii Bracelet for a month and I feel almost 100% better! Usually the pains are worse when the weather is stormy but even with last weeks storms, it has been much more bearable. I am very grateful to Hannah  for recommending it to my friends and family. '


Joke de Bruin

Joke De bruin testimonial

'My name is Joke de Bruin and I am 52 years old. I have had a lot of problems with my hips and I therefore went to the orthopaedist. Several studies have shown osteoarthritis. The doctors can not do more than telling me to do regular exercise.

But when I come to rest the pain begins to worsen again, this was especially painful at night. I started to wear a Trilojii bracelet from Enerjii and after about 2 weeks the pain began to diminish. So I can sleep well at night again without pain'


Dorothy Gibson


‘I find when I have a exceptionally busy day, sleep eludes me. 8 sprays of the Enerjii Rest*** and within 10-15minutes off I nod into a natural sleep. The spray is so easy to use and with no side effects to trouble me. As I do not use Enerjii Rest*** on a regular basis it came as a great relief to know “Rest***“ is non addictive. Therefore I feel quite safe in using the product and recommending to others, thank you.’


Wilhelm de Bruin

Wilhelm Testimonial

'My name is Wilhelm de Bruin, When I was 10 years old I got rheumatic fever with pain in my hands and legs.
Especially in winter it was difficult to get out of bed. I have lived now almost 1.5 years in the UK, where the climate is also very wet. From last September I began to wear a copper enerjii bracelet.

The first one only with magnets in it but now I have been wearing, for 2 months, the new Copperii bracelet – it’s a copper one with a white gold finish on the outside. These bracelets have also magnets, negative ions and far infrared in it. From the moment I began to wear the copper bracelet I have had no complaints from my rheumatism. Also last winter I had no complaints.'

So that is why I give people with rheumatic problems the advice to try the enerjii copper bracelets.



ebony Testimonial

'I was playing soccer and at half time my thigh muscles were really hurting.  My Nan had some Bioenerjii Cream in her bag and she rubbed it on my thigh muscles. 

I was able to play the second half of the game without any soreness. 

Thanks Nan and Enerjii.'

Ebony (Aged 10) Australia


Colin and Caroline

Colin Caroline Testimonial

'Colin previously suffered with bad pain in his lower arm through constantly lifting steel in his job.  Nothing he did cut the pain back, however within a few days of wearing his Enerjii bracelet, he found the pain had nearly vanished altogether.  In fact it is now hardly noticeable at all.

But wait, “there’s more….”

About 15 years ago, I was involved in a car accident and became a very bad insomniac.  Some nights I would only get 2 to 3 hours sleep. I have also suffered from severe foot pain for over two years, mainly from standing at my shop counter on a concrete floor for long hours at a time. Some days the pain was so intense I could hardly walk or stand. I was like an old lady.  Over the past three weeks, wearing the bracelet I have noticed the pain has started to dissipate.  Yes, it is still there, but at a level that I can easily cope with.  Some days I hardly notice it anymore. We can highly recommend Enerjii products to everyone.'



Peter Testimonial

'I have been using the black Trilojii bracelet now for just one month and I am delighted with the results already obtained.

I had old sporting injuries to my right shoulder from school days and the pain was so bad it had previously prevented me sleeping easily on my right side at night.  I first noticed some pain relief after the first week of wearing the bracelet; but now I can even immediately lie on my right side in bed as I go off to sleep as the pain has been reduced so much.  It has also meant that the upper reach extension of my arm has increased about 150mm (6 inches) as well.  I have made other attempts previously to reduce the level of pain with things like physio and various assorted vitamins suggested for joint relief, but this is the first time I have had any measure of success.'



Tony Testimonial

'As  a younger person I was an Ice skater for many years and had many falls on my knees and did tend to suffer with knees that would give pain after standing for some time.
A month after wearing the Enerjii bracelet I found that I could stand for as long as I wanted with out pain at all, I find this truly amazing '



Andy Testimonial

'I felt I must drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with the bracelet my partner gave me as a gift. She thought it would help my stress levels and make me a calmer person. I must say I do feel calmer and less stressed, added to that I have an old injury from when I broke my wrist as a teenager and from time to time I do have aches and discomfort in this area. This has also improved which is something I wasn’t expecting.'



Gayle Testimonial

'After a boating accident I suffered muscular back and hip pains, for which I have continuous monthly physiotherapy. I started wearing my energizing bracelet after my partner suggested I try it. I now find that I have a great deal less pain and my fitness levels are rising because I am “pain free.' 'I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with my energizing bracelet.'



Mary Testimonial

'I am writing to tell you how pleased and yes excited I am about the improvement in my joint health since I started using your products. The pain in my knees, most noticeable when climbing the stairs has almost disappeared, and both my husband and I are sleeping very much better, a fact, which I can only assume, can be attributed to using these products. Well done!'



Simon Testimonial

'After a football injury that left me with a dislocated finger, I suffered with considerable pain for 2 years. I started wearing my energizing bracelet and after only a matter of weeks the pain has all but disappeared. I would have no hesitation in recommending the energizing bracelet to anyone suffering from joint pain.'



Vin Testimonial

'Having had Rheumatic pain in my wrist for some time I tried the energizing bracelet. The relief was quick and long lasting. After some time of no pain I removed the bracelet. Some time later, while working in the garden the pain returned with a vengeance. I put the bracelet back on and within 24 hours I had no pain at all. I cannot praise the energizing bracelet enough.'




'Just got the product today. It’s fantastic love it.'