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Snippets from Enerjii products that appeared in publications over the past year.



  • (August 2009)

The benefits of wearing copper and magnets have long been understood, yet it is equally clear that most of us would prefer to wear a bracelet that just looks good.  Now, thanks to Enerjii you don’t’ have to choose one or the other.

  • Disability Product News (October 2009)

The good old copper bracelet is being brought right up to date by Enerjii International……  Several users, including arthritis sufferers, have already reported decrease in pain levels after they started wearing the Copperii bracelet.

  • The Weekly News (October 2009)

Enerjii is a brand-new range of fashionable, pain-relieving jewellery which could help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.

  • Asiana (Winter Edition 2009)

Try it… With Copperii bracelets you get the benefits of copper, but also infrared, negative ions and magnets – great as an alternative therapy for those that suffer from arthritis and joint problems.

  • Health & Fitness (November 2009)

Sportii bracelets & necklaces that contains magnets to help improve circulation and aid recovery from injury.

  • Pick Me Up (November 2009)

These new Italian designed Enerjii bracelets aren’t just fashionable, they are functional too and offer the ultimate alternative therapy on the go.

  • Spirit & Destiny (November 2009)

Enerjii combines function and form to make you feel good and look great, helping to combat pain, boost energy and relieve stress.

  • Healthy (December 2009)

Feel energized and look great with Synerjii magnetic bracelets.

  • Woman’s Own Christmas Bumper Special (December 2009)

These good-looking bracelets can give you fizz, ease pain and reduce stress via magnets and negative ions.

  • Real People (December 2009)

Enerjii bracelets use magnets, copper, negative ions and FAR infra-red energies to boost your workout.

  • Natural Health (December 2009)

Enerjii bracelets use a combination of magnets, far infrared technology, negative ions to boost energy, combat pain and relieve stress.

  • Prima (December 2009)

Magnetic relief: Many arthritis sufferers swear that copper bracelets help pain, and wearers report similar pain-relieving results from Enerjii magnetic bracelets.

  • Daily Star (January 2010)

Goss Spot: In the Grammy award goodie bags, celebrities were given Enerjii jewellery – a bracelet which gives them all a natural high.  Apparently, they’re all the rage in Los Angeles at the moment.

  • Health & Fitness (January 2010)

Improve your health and look super stylish, with the brightly coloured  healing jewellery range from Enerjii.

  • Woman’s Weekly (February 2010)

Buy of the week: Feel good, look great! 

  • The Wharf (February 2010)

Accessory of the week

  • Women’s Fitness (February 2010)

Enerjii combines function and form to make you feel good and look great.

  • Chat It’s Fate (February 2010)

We Love this.  Treasure Trove.  Finally, some pain-relieving  jewellery that looks good and helps with aches.

  • Department Store Buyer (February 2010)

Enhanced Wellbeing.

  • Fitpro (February 2010)

Boost your performance by getting yourself some sports jewellery.

  • SHE (February 2010)

Look out for bracelets and necklaces from Enerjii.

  • Slim At Home (February 2010)

Can help improve circulation.

  • Muscle & Fitness (March 2010)

From arthritis sufferers, to professional golfers, thousands of people are using Enerjii jewellery…

  • Psychologies (March 2010)

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but an Enerjii bracelet may boost your wellbeing.

  • Black Beauty & Hair (March 2010)

Energy boost

  • Chat It’s Fate (June 2010)

For the ultimate on-the-go therapy…

  • Natural Health (August 2010)


  • (August 2010)

The best from Enerjii

  • Jewellery Focus (Sept 2010)

Fashion and Function so rarely goes hand in hand that when someone marries the two, it's worth talking about


BioEnerjii Cream

  • The Sunday Post (August 2009)

A new multipurpose moisturiser that also works as a soothing balm for aching muscles.

  • Health & Fitness (October 2009)

Multi-tasking BioEnerjii cream combines herbal essences and the key ingredient organic germanium to hydrate and soothe tired skin, stimulate circulation, and ease tension.

  • (November 2009)

If, like me, your face has lost a lot of it’s inner glow now that autumn is here, you might want to give BioEnerjii cream a go. 

  • Cosmetic News Portal Online (December 2009)

BioEnerjii cream is rich in anti-oxidants to enhance and condition parched skin.

  • Sunday Mirror: Celebs on Sunday (December 2009)

A multi-purpose moisturiser that doesn’t just hydrate, it also contains ingredients to stimulate circulation, calm inflammation, de-stress and clear clogged lymph glands.

  • All about you

Get more for your money by using a deeply, hydrating potion that does more than just moisturize.

  • Prima (March 2010)

More than just moisturizers…

  • Chat It’s Fate (June 2010)

Soothing healing

  • Muscle & Fitness (June 2010)

Pumping up their presence to refresh and revive…

  • The Wharf (July 2010)

Product of the Week.

  • Full House (August 2010)

Splurge: BioEnerjii Aftersun cream.

  • Woman (August 2010)

3 Alternative Migraine treatments: BioEnerjii - It relieves headaches by increasing blood circulation.



Supplement Sprays

  • Essentials (June 2010)

Enerjii Rest Vitamin Supplement Spray, directly into your mouth to help you  drift off.