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The attraction of magnets


The attraction of magnets The sun is a magnetically charged star and it supports a strong, changing magnetic field that varies year to year. Magnetic energy is the strongest natural force in the universe and the power of magnets is one of the most basic energies of nature. The earth is a magnet and we live within its magnetic field.

The earth’s magnetic field strength has decreased by 6% since 1830 and an estimated 30% in the last millennium. It is believed many of today’s modern ailments are a direct result of this decrease. This 'Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome' can be relieved by the direct application of a supplementary magnetic field to the body to provide some of the magnetic field energy the earth has lost.

Studies have found that applying a static magnetic field to the body can help dilate the blood vessels, support circulation and bring relief from pain. The use of magnet therapy has been well documented throughout history dating back thousands of years. Cleopatra wore a lodestone (natural magnet) on a necklace and believed in its wellness properties. Magnets are measured in gauss emission strength.

Gauss is not a measure of strength of a magnet but actually pertains to the amount of electrons or density of them, that surround the magnet itself. The gauss is strongest close to the magnet and falls off quickly. Magnets should be worn closest to the skin and major arteries to receive the maximum effect. Clinical studies have found that delivering a static magnetic field between 700 – 1500 mT Gauss to the body has resulted in significant relief from pain.

Enerjii’s unipolar neodymium magnetic inserts emit a magnetic field strength of between 800 - 1200 mT Gauss strength (depending on the product), which is considered the safest and most beneficial Gauss range for humans.

Billions of charged mineral ions such as sodium, potassium and magnesium, dissolved in the plasma of the blood, flow through the body’s blood vessels in a straight path. The application of a magnet changes the dynamics of this ionic flow, deflecting the ions in a perpendicular direction to their motion. This creates a sideways movement, which dilates the blood vessel walls, increasing blood flow. This results in more oxygen and nutrients being carried to the cells and aids the removal of harmful toxins.