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What is the technology in the jewelry?

Please refer to the Natural Energies

Where's the technology?

Synerjii bracelets have 4 white Far infrared ceramic cylinders set into the Stainless Steel sections. They are positioned alongside the 4 Neodymium magnets set inside the gold plated cylinders. The Negative Ions are infused into the Silicone segments themselves.

Trilojii utilizes its magnets and Far infrared segments as inserts, drilled into the undersides of the stainless steel sections or set into the Silicone sections. The Negative Ions are infused into the silicone material itself, just like the Synerjii bracelets.

Sportii utilizes the technology differently, positioning it inside the Silicone tubing. There are Far Infrared balls and Neodymium magnets within the Silicone tubing, which itself are infused with Negative Ions. Both Sportii bracelets and necklaces have two additional magnets positioned in the clasp closure.

Efficiencii Tech watches have 4 Neodymium magnets on the metal loops facing the wrist. The silicone strap is infused with both Negative Ions and Far Infrared.

Dual Band watches have 4 Neodymium magnets space out in each silicone tube. The 4 silicone tubes are infused with Negative Ions and the tubes have Far Infrared ceramic balls inside.

Magpii Unisex bracelets have 4 large Hematite magnet beads, 2 medium Hematite beads, 7 Negative Ion beads with CZ diamonds and 2 smaller Hematite beads on draw string.

Magpii Ladies bracelets have 6 Hematite magnet beads, 3 large Negative Ion beads with CZ diamonds and 2 smaller negative ion beads on draw string.

Snap On watches have the silicone straps infused with Negative Ions and Far Infrared.


Is the technology safe?

Yes, all our products and technologies have been tested and certified as safe. Please visit the technology section of the Enerjii website to read more. If you do feel for any reason that you are having an adverse reaction, please discontinue wearing the jewelry immediately and report your reaction to:

Can I wear my products 24 hours a day safely?

Yes, the bracelets are safe to wear all day and all night however, you should refer to your care guide as the products should be removed during certain activities such as bathing and swimming.

Should I wear the jewelry if I have a medical condition or pacemaker?

Do not use magnetic products if you wear a pacemaker, hearing implant or any other implanted medical, electrical of mechanical device.

As a precaution, do not use when pregnant.

Anyone who has a medical condition should first consult a physician before wearing this product.

Should skin irritation results from wearing this product, discontinue use. Keep this and other small objects out of reach of children.

How do I shorten my bracelet?

The length of the bracelet is adjustable from:
210mm length to 190mm for Men’s bracelets
190mm length to 170mm for Women’s bracelets

To provide a more comfortable fit with the Trilojii Range there are screws that can be removed to take out individual links at either end. These links do not have any technologies inserted therefore no loss of function.

To provide a more comfortable fit with the Copperii Range there are pins that can be removed (replace with jeweller approved new pins) to take out individual links at either end. These links do not have any technologies inserted therefore no loss of function.

The Synerjii range can be shortened by removing the pins at each clasp end (replace with jeweller approved new pins), and cutting the silicone strap to the next drilled hole position as required to fit.

Note: With Synerjii, this shortening process is irreversible, so please carefully choose your correct length because mistakes can be costly.

Both sizing operations and parts supply, should be performed only by a reputable jeweller or watch repair shop. Shortening of the bracelets will void the product warranty if not done by a reputable jeweller or watch repair shop.

Adjustment of other Ranges

Sportii Range can NOT be shortened. It is unisex and comes in two sizes 190mm and 210mm.

Dual Band watches also cannot be adjusted. It comes in a 210mm size and later in 2013 a 190mm size will be available.

Efficiencii watches and Magpii products comes with adjustable straps.

Snap On watches fit any size due to the length and flexible silicone snap on band.


Why magnetic therapy?

Magnetic pain relief therapy is SAFE, non-invasive and non-addictive. Magnet therapy is used by millions of people around the world, including professional athletes. For instance, it is believed that a large per cent of senior tournament golfers utilize magnetic jewelry. Enerjii uses rare earth (taken from the crust of the earth not man made) neodymium magnets which are respected as the best magnet available. They emit a gauss strength of around 800 to 1200, known to be the most beneficial and safe levels.

You too can enjoy the benefits of our beautiful and powerful energising jewelry. Our affordable prices make these powerful technology products available to anyone. Our elegantly designed jewelry is suitable for any occasion or sporting activity. Many of our early ancestors wore magnets, which they believed worked to their advantage. We strongly believe that the addition of far infrared and negative ions, work in synergy with the neodymium magnets to make Enerjii energising bracelets a unique product even more effective!


Do the energising bracelets cure any medical condition?

Enerjii is continually studying and testing the beneficial qualities of its products. Enerjii does not make any medical claims for its products. Significant data on testing of the natural energies exist and can be obtained by writing to


How do I care for my bracelet?

To obtain years of enjoyment and therapy from your three-technology bracelet you should remove your bracelet before showering, bathing, swimming, or washing your hands with harsh industrial cleansers that may splash onto your bracelet. Chlorine or salt water may damage your bracelet. Do not use any sort of jewelry cleaner or jewelry cleaning machine on your bracelet. To clean your bracelet or other jewelry safely, you should wash your bracelet by hand in a mild soap solution, and then simply rinse and dry the bracelet.


How do I clean my bracelet?

Your Enerjii jewelry is not like other jewelry and must be cared for differently.
To clean your bracelet simply wash it by hand in warm water with mild soap (not detergents) and rinse thoroughly, then pat dry.