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Our Mission

Is to lead the global market in ‘Fashion and Function’ state of the art jewelry. Providing not only stylish quality products that look great, while infusing within the products the natural Earth energies to assist our customers with energy and wellbeing.

Our Vision

Is to develop and market innovative products that provides our customers enjoyment from wearing our quality fashion jewelry, whilst providing them with alternative ways of assisting their wellness and on-going quality of life.

Global Brand Leader

Enerjii pioneered and has overnight become the global market leader for multi technology energy and wellbeing designer jewelry products. The fact that Enerjii products were the choice of the Grammys, Oscars and Super Bowl organisers gifts for the Stars, shows how quickly the brand has received global recognition.

Enerjii has proven that innovative fashion designs and powerful multi technologies infused into the products, working synergistically, to assist energy levels and wellbeing, are a winning combination and the future of jewelry is ‘Fashion and Function’.
Enerjii products are available from health stores, online retail stores, duty free, innovative catalogs and the online store.
At Enerjii we believe that our total single minded focus is to fulfil our mission and vision; by producing affordable stylish and leading edge fashion products that bring to millions of people alternative ways to help themselves. We will search, test and bring to market technologies via our products that would never be available for people under normal circumstances. Our global success lies in fulfilling that mission and vision.
Our slogan sums us up, ‘Fashion has never felt so good!’