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About Enerjii

Enerjii is a global fashion label that pioneered fashion jewelry infused with natural energies. These energies include neodymium magnets, Far Infrared (refined by NASA) and Negative Ions which all work together to improve energy levels and assist wellbeing. They are also leading edge in the latest fashion designs and colors and we offer a wide range of choice to suit everyone. See our innovative range of amazing bracelets, necklaces and watches that start from the affordable Sportii products to the beautifully designed and distinctive Trilojii range. Enerjii markets it’s ‘Fashion and Function’ world beating products globally.



Enerjii, an Innovator and Fashion Leader!

Enerjii has received much publicity and applause for its innovative approach to the jewelry market place. Marketed as quality Italian designed affordable fashion jewelry products with the unique selling point of multi technology natural energies infused into the products stands our products apart from our competitors. This is emphasised when Enerjii products were the choice of the Oscars, Super Bowl party and the Grammies. ‘Fashion has never felt so good!’